Space For My Thoughts To Fly ||Nigeria||2018||Guernica||WEB

On Lagos, on my apartment, on nomadism, toxicity, and the question of home.

Things Fall Apart||Nigeria||2018||The Atavist||WEB

A feat of elegant design wowed elite architects and promised to bring education to poor children in Nigeria. Then it collapsed. This story explores the widening gap between truth and gloss and the social splintering that underpinned the structure’s physical erosion. It is also about lies in all their shapes, the myths we tell to make this painful world more palatable, and the ethics of experimentation and representation. It’s about greyness and complexity and argues that while there are heroic and generous actions, there are no pure heroes (or villains). Longlisted for the One World Media Popular Feature award 2019.

We Are All Sentimental || Senegal || 2017 || Nataal ||WEB

On Joël Andrianomearisoa, love, and Revue Noire, a monumental art magazine from the 90s.

Versage||Nigeria/China||2018||Nataal||PDF WEB

On knockoff designer designers. A kaleidoscopic exploration of urbanity, of a city stacked with universes, and all the places that exist in one. It is about the worlds we construct from our respective vantage points and everywhere layered into everywhere, as twisting and sprawling as Versage prints. Winner of the Stack Magazines 2018 Best Original Non-Fiction Award.

Streets of Goma||Democratic Republic of Congo||2018||The Common|| WEB

Tussling with the violence of journalism and flat narratives for reality; seeking truth and photographing feelings.

Why Infanticide is a Problem in Senegal ||Senegal||2018||NPR||WEB

This piece is on empathy, mostly. Also on isolation, shame, paranoia, trauma. I wrote on impossible pregnancies, victim-perpetrators and infanticide in Senegal.

On Alara || Nigeria|| 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || Text

An Essay on the Alara store designed by David Adjaye in Lagos, and on desperately needed bombastic self love; regal, radical architecture; itchy ascension and uneasy inequalities. 

Redemption Camp || Nigeria || 2017 || Goethe Institute, Hotspots Lagos || WEB

On solitude en masse, sacred spaces and human divinity.

Fools Gold: On Oil and its Discontents || Nigeria || 2015 || Institute of Current World Affairs || WEB

On slippery borders, friendly smugglers, secret scars, lotteries, motorcycles, artificial scarcities, legitimate hoarding, and decayed wales.

The Road Through Redemption Camp: Religion, Fertility and Abortion in Lagos || Nigeria || 2014 || Los Angeles Review of Books || WEB

From mega-churches to store-front parishes, religion is big in Nigeria’s biggest city.

Taste, Scent, Trade || Nigeria || 2016 || Institute of Current World Affairs || WEB

On fake versace and perfumes and on the spidery pathways they travel across Nigeria.

Perilous Delivery: Inside India’s Maternal Health Care Crisis || India || June 2014 || The Los Angeles Review of Books || WEB

A Profile of Malti Devi, the birth czar of small town Bihar, India.


India’s Other Sexual Violence || February 2013 || The Atlantic|| WEB

Women in India face violence throughout their reproductive lives. In light of recent high profile rape cases, a look at violence against women and maternal mortality.


Women in Nepal Face Monthly Ostracization || June 2013 || New York Times  || WEB

A short essay and film documenting the monthly isolation of women during menstruation in Achham. Video by Allison Shelley, Reporting/interviews by me. Winner of WHNPA Eyes of History contest for video feature. Featured in the Pulitzer Center Film Festivaland the Toronto Nepali Film Festival