The Price of Senegal’s Strict Anti-Abortion Laws ||Senegal || 2017 || The New Yorker Online || WEB

On victim-perpetrators, ephemeral oppression, and the danger of social isolation; on Senegal’s infanticide crisis, rigid abortion restrictions and theological debates about ensoulment. 

We Are All Sentimental || Senegal || 2017 || Nataal ||WEB

On Joël Andrianomearisoa, love, and Revue Noire, a monumental art magazine from the 90s.

On Alara || Nigeria|| 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || Text

An Essay on the Alara store designed by David Adjaye in Lagos, and on desperately needed bombastic self love; regal, radical architecture; itchy ascension and uneasy inequalities. 

Redemption Camp || Nigeria || 2017 || Goethe Institute, Hotspots Lagos || WEB

On solitude en masse, sacred spaces and human divinity.

Fools Gold: On Oil and its Discontents || Nigeria || 2015 || Institute of Current World Affairs || WEB

On slippery borders, friendly smugglers, secret scars, lotteries, motorcycles, artificial scarcities, legitimate hoarding, and decayed wales.

The Road Through Redemption Camp: Religion, Fertility and Abortion in Lagos || Nigeria || 2014 || Los Angeles Review of Books || WEB

From mega-churches to store-front parishes, religion is big in Nigeria’s biggest city.

Taste, Scent, Trade || Nigeria || 2016 || Institute of Current World Affairs || WEB

On fake versace and perfumes and on the spidery pathways they travel across Nigeria.

Perilous Delivery: Inside India’s Maternal Health Care Crisis || India || June 2014 || The Los Angeles Review of Books || WEB

A Profile of Malti Devi, the birth czar of small town Bihar, India.

Hepatitis, the Road Trip||Nigeria||2016||Institute of Current World Affairs||WEB

On hepatitis, a “silent killer” and also on stigma, and the myriad overlapping health systems:traditional, religious, informal, western medicine, etc in Nigeria.

India’s Other Sexual Violence || February 2013 || The Atlantic|| WEB

Women in India face violence throughout their reproductive lives. In light of recent high profile rape cases, a look at violence against women and maternal mortality.

Strut || Lagos || 2016 || Nataal || WEB

On Wura-Natasha Ogunji’s performance piece “Strut”, and on ease and action, freedom, femininity and power.

Women in Nepal Face Monthly Ostracization || June 2013 || New York Times  || WEB

A short essay and film documenting the monthly isolation of women during menstruation in Achham. Video by Allison Shelley, Reporting/interviews by me. Winner of WHNPA Eyes of History contest for video feature. Featured in the Pulitzer Center Film Festivaland the Toronto Nepali Film Festival