Streets of Goma, 2018

Feelings, like photographs, are in constant relationship to the tangible, visible world. “Cities are this, stone made suddenly alive by our emotions,” Italian novelist Elena Ferrante wrote.

This is a soft conversation between my eyes and the city. It is a counterbalance, an exploration of dismantling narratives to make something nonlinear, something nonliteral but true. Is it possible that in saying less we can say more? That the ephemeral contains more than the thing itself? Or perhaps it is that the thing itself always contains something ephemeral.

Excerpt from text and photo series published in The Common, August 2018



dream//life is a photography and text series exploring trauma as lived through magical realism, dissociation, and the physicality of emotion, shot in Goma, Montauk, Lagos, Guangzhou, Dakar, New York, Lomé, Long Beach, Berlin and Bauchi. Exhibited in even if your mouth is closed (you are a mouthpiece) at the Treehouse experimental art space in Lagos April 2018.


I have dreamed out photos from Addis, Lagos, Dakar and Accra in Issue 77 of Fractal journal in Mexico. Full PDF.



Strut, Lagos, Nigeria (2016)

My photos of Wura-Natasha Ogunji’s performance piece Strut were exhibited at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt. The photos, along with an essay are also published in Nataal.


Chinafrika.Sample (2017)

A large-scale photo installation with Daniel Kötter on the life cycle of a mobile phone from mining through e-waste, shot in Zambia (Daniel), Shenzhen, China and Lagos, Nigeria, was included in the Das Müllprojekt in Hamburg, Germany (SEE and READ).

It was also exhibited outside the new Bauhaus Museum as part of Kunstfest, Weimar, Germany (SEE) (August 2017).


All of the Lights, Nigeria, (2017)

My photo essay exploring solitude en masse at the Redemption Camp mega-church on the outskirts of Lagos are included in the Hotspots Lagos artistic project. It was exhibited on the rooftop of Lagos City Hall in Nigeria and at Espaco Saracura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


E-waste, Lagos, Nigeria (2017)

My photos of an e-waste processing center in Lagos are included in the Hotspots Lagos project. It was exhibited on the rooftop of Lagos City Hall in Nigeria and at Espaco Saracura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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Dakar, Senegal (2017)


Tito, Berlin, Germany (2016)

Lagos, Nigeria (2016)

Nico, Paris, France (2017)

Goma, DR Congo (2017)

Ryan, Brooklyn, USA (2017)

Goma, DR Congo (2017)

Fay, Philadelphia, USA (2018)


Tito: Bride Price #1, Lagos, Nigeria (2016)

Bauchi, Nigeria, (2017)

Lagos, Nigeria (2016)

Mariam, Mbour, Senegal (2017)

Lagos, Nigeria (2017)

Elina, Paris, France (2017)