Haitians mobilize as the international community scrambles to bring humanitarian assistance

By Allyn Gaestel

15 January 2010 [MediaGlobal]: As the window closes on the timetable for emergency rescue for victims of the 12 January earthquake in Haiti, the greater humanitarian disaster surrounding the destruction is becoming clearer. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon emphasized the importance of the first 72 hours following the disaster. But already much of that crucial time has been spent attempting to assess the situation. The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) suffered the collapse of its headquarters. Approximately 150 peacekeepers are still missing and 36 staff members are confirmed dead. Much of the focus of the United Nations had been on this internal tragedy and the logistical difficulties of losing track of the majority of the UN presence. Meanwhile the fate of millions of Haitian civilians affected by the earthquake remained “sketchy” according to Ban…Read full article