Versage || Guangzhou || 2017 ||

On all hours Mahjong for the insomniacs, and eating jollof rice in Guangzhou.

A meditation on low-end globalization and global inequality, the notion of cheapness, the complexity of the concept of “made in china”, the creolization of taste, and when mimicry becomes its own aesthetic. 

GfZK Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig || WEB see also: WEB

Presented as a mixed media photo/text/Versage installation in the ChinAfrika.Under Construction exhibition with photographer Benedicte Kurzen.

Nataal and Longreads || 2018 || Print Magazine PDF || Nataal WEB Version || Longreads WEB || Stack Magazine Review || Stack Magazine Award ||

A long form essay published in Nataal and later in Longreads. Winner of the Stack Magazines 2018 Best Original Non-Fiction Award.