Still Fissured: Haiti’s Health System || 2015 || Los Angeles Review of Books || WEB

In the aftermath of the earthquake there have been countless picturesque projects on this gorgeous Caribbean island — shells of schools with no teachers, gleaming new hospitals with no staff. Many charities have come and gone, and even those that stay largely have short-term contracts. My motorcycle driver, Junior, told me his wife had birthed each of her three children since the earthquake in a different clinic — following a word-of-mouth network about ever-shifting programs and projects to find affordable options for her deliveries. The strings of these myriad distinct programs do not knit into a safety net for Haiti, and mothers are left to advocate for themselves.

Haiti’s Fight For Gay Rights||2014||Al Jazeera America|| WEB

As LGBTQ activists push for more visibility, the Evangelical community cracks down. Meanwhile gay culture flourishes in secret drag shows and the welcoming Vodou religion.

Stateless People in the Dominican Republic Hope to Regain Citizenship || 2014 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

A love story from across the statelessness debate affecting Dominicans of Haitian Descent in the DR.

Dominican Republic Citizenship Law Ends Limbo for Haitian Descendants || 2014 || The Guardian || WEB

Alejandro loves bachata, doesn’t speak Kreyol and has lived in the DR his whole life. But the Dominican government told him he was Haitian. A look at the nationality debate in the Dominican Republic.

Stateless in the Dominican Republic|| 2014 || Al Jazeera America || WEB

Tens of thousands born to Haitian parents cope with the fallout from a court decision rescinding their citizenship.

Deisy Toussaint: Dominican Firebrand || 2014 || Ozy  || WEB

When Deisy Toussaint’s world turned absurd, this memoirist/science fiction writer turned her pen to political critique. On an unlikely activist in the Dominican Republic fighting for the rights of Dominicans of Haitian Descent.

Still Homeless in Haiti || 2012 || Los Angeles Times WEB

Two and a half years after the earthquake, housing questions linger: what does ‘home’ mean? Who should pay for it? How should Port-au-Prince look?  Lakay se lakay, home is home.

Vacation to Haiti? || 2012 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

A passionate band of Haiti lovers are determined to rebrand this oft-derided island. Some locals wonder who will earn if Haiti sells.

Cholera Returns || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

Cholera peaks and dips with the rain. Donated temporary toilets pool and ooze waste, forgotten as organizations retreat from the crisis.

Singer Michel Martelly Sworn in as Haiti’s President || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

The political outsider took his post in front of the crumpled national palace, a symbol of the heavy labor ahead.

Former Pop Star Sworn in as Haiti’s President ||2011 || CNN || WEB

Deported to Haiti || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

After a year of humanitarian reprieve, deportations of criminals resumed to Haiti in the midst of the cholera epidemic. The deeply Americanized Haitians struggled to survive and build new lives in a broken, foreign city.

No Contest Expected to Martelly Presidential Win || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

Opponent Mirlande Manigat concedes defeat following the election results.

Carnival Returns || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

The yearly festival returns a year after the earthquake to a plaza still crammed with tents and a city unsure of its party spirit.

Presidential Election Plays out on Crowded Political Stage || 2011 || The Atlantic || WEB

Egos abound in Haiti’s election, far beyond the candidate pool.

After 7 Years in Exile, Aristide Returns to Haiti || 2011 || CNN || WEB

Aristide’s Return to Haiti “Imminent”: Spokeswoman || 2011 || Reuters || WEB

The country waited with baited breath–some expecting a savior, others anticipating chaos–ahead of the exiled former president’s homecoming.

Haitians Pick a President: Election Day || 2011 ||CNN || WEB

Grandmother-in-Chief? || 2011 || The Boston Haitian Reporter || WEB

Ahead of the run-off election, a profile of Mirlande Manigat.

Haiti Protesters want Preval Out || 2011 || Reuters || WEB

Protesters marched against President Rene Preval on the day he had been scheduled to leave office before a temporary extension.

Aristide Retrieves his Passport, Nearing Return || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

The former president prepared for his much-anticipated return after seven years in exile.

Aristide Supporters March for His Return || 2011 || Reuters || WEB

The Ghosts of Duvalier || 2011 || Los Angeles Times || WEB

The unexpected return of the former dictator re-awakened brutal memories among survivors of the torturous regime.

Haiti Government Candidate to Quit Election Race || 2011 || Reuters || WEB

After weeks of conflict, ruling party candidate Jude Celestin accepts defeat in the first round of the election. He cleared the way for a run-off between pop-star Michel Martelly and university professor Mirlande Manigat.

The First Anniversary of the Earthquake || 2011 || Reuters || WEB

Haitians commemorate the earthquake, and bemoan the lingering hellish conditions.

Understanding the Crisis Rape-​HIV Nexus || 2011 ||ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies ||  WEB

Sarah Palin in Haiti || 2010 || Reuters || WEB

The former vice-presidential candidate tours Haiti charity sites with evangelical relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

Maternal Mortality: Numbers and Reality  || 2010 || ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies || WEB

Task Shifting: Maximizing Healthcare in Low-​Resource Countries || 2010 || ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies || WEB

Mismanagement in the Time of Cholera || 2010 || The Atlantic || WEB

Discordant government and organizational responses to the cholera epidemic leave families fighting for their lives.

Haiti in the Time of Cholera || 2010 || The Atlantic || WEB

The Haitian government struggles to respond to the cholera epidemic. Public health service announcements fall flat in a country lacking waste management and clean water.

Postponing Haiti Polls Could Threaten Stability says European Union || 2010 || Reuters || WEB

The election must go on, despite the raging cholera epidemic, asserted EU officials in Port-au-Prince.

Who Will Be Haiti’s Next President? Candidate Profiles || 2010 || The Boston Haitian Reporter || WEB

Wyclef Jean’s Presidential Bid Shut Down || 2010 || The Atlantic || WEB

Haitians respond more quietly than anticipated to the hip-hop star’s exclusion from the presidential elections.

Hip-Hop Politics: Wyclef Jean in Haiti || 2010 || The Atlantic || WEB

Charisma and rhythm infuse the international musician’s presidential bid.