I was a long-form reporting fellow at Next City Urban Policy magazine from 2012-2013 and was a Kaiser Family Foundation Fellow at the Philadelphia Inquirer in summer 2012. My health reporting regularly made the front page, and my work on recovery homes in Northern Philadelphia affected policy.

But What About the Baby? || 2013 || Next City || WEB

A lengthy magazine piece exploring the diverging opportunities, options and lives of mothers in different Philadelphia neighborhoods. $2 fee to purchase the full article or email for the pdf.

Post-Industrial Identity Crises||2012||Next City|| Part One, Two, Three

Tryptic exploring the many faces, histories and imagined futures on South Philly’s Washington Ave.

Loss of Philadelphia aid worries drug-recovery homes and their neighbors || 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

For decades a shadow economy of unregulated drug recovery houses has flourished in Philadelphia, springing up around the city’s lauded addiction services and the state welfare cash assistance. Recovering addicts pooled their $205 monthly allowance to live in dilapidated row houses and try to get clean. In August those funds were cut from the state budget, leaving an estimated 4,000 recovery house residents vulnerable to bankruptcy and eventual shut-down.

The Glass Ceiling: Surgery Edition || 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

Women doctors still face unexplained wage discrepancies with their male colleagues. Philadelphia doctors address the myriad pressures on their careers and the lingering wage disparity that continues even as women fill medical schools and residencies.

Philly’s quiet saffron revolution||2013||Next City|| WEB

With little fanfare, Philadelphia’s Cambodian Buddhist community is putting down roots and building up temples.

Developing World Level Education in the US ||2013||Next City||WEB

A new report sheds a depressing light on rampant educational disparities in the US.

The Cost of Refusing the Medicaid Expansion||2013||Next City|| WEB

When Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett refused the Affordable Care Act’s subsidized Medicaid Expansion he jeopardized patients and hospitals. 

Turning 52nd Street into Rue 52||October 2012||Next City|| WEB

West Philly born and raised entrepreneur Mahari Bailey is trying to breathe life into Philly’s former epicenter of Black Culture.

Women Advocates Celebrate “Well-Woman” Coverage || August 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

More women’s health care services will be free under the Affordable Care Act. Philadelphia women’s health advocates pause to celebrate the official phase-in of the policy and educate women on their rights.


Advocates Push for Cure Research || July 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

An eclectic group of long-term AIDS advocates pushed high and low for the prioritization of AIDS cure research at the AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.

Activists and the AIDS Conference || July 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

The ever-impassioned Philly AIDS activist community marched to the White House during the International AIDS Conference in DC, demanding a final financial push to beat the epidemic.

Struggle for Dental Care || June 2012 || The Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

Stop-gap donated dentistry events are insufficient fillings for the massive cavity in Pennsylvania dental care. Lack of access to care is causing many uninsured and under-insured Pennsylvania’s to lose their teeth.

The Berlin Patient in Philadelphia || June 2012 || Philadelphia Inquirer || WEB

The first patient ever cured of AIDS has unveiled his identity and now travels the country advocating for more focus and financing for cure research. A profile of a reluctant medical celebrity.