Republique Democratique du Congo


Goma, 2018

Associations D’Élegance||Kinshasa||2019||Berlin Quarterly||PDF

On types of power, dust, l’invisible, colonialism, capitalism, sex work and intuition. Shortlisted for the Stack Magazines 2019 Best Original Non-Fiction Award.

Streets of Goma||Democratic Republic of Congo||2018||The Common|| WEB

Tussling with the violence of journalism and flat narratives for reality; seeking truth and photographing feelings.

What we can do to stop the next Pandemic || Democratic Republic of Congo/Global ||2014|| National Geographic/Ozy || WEB

For those who advocate changes in the global health and emergency response system, Ebola could be a catalyst. That is, if they can look past the consuming crisis.

Special Reportage on Female Peacekeepers || Goma || 2015 || The Guardian || WEB and WEB

Fifteen years after a UN resolution stressed the vital role of women in conflict resolution, only 2% of its largest mission – in DRC – are female

The Impact of War on Maternal Mortality in Masisi || North Kivu || 2015 || Al Jazeera America || WEB

Overall the DRC has about half the necessary health workforce to effectively manage its birthrate.

Sexual Violence as a Catalyst for Judicial Reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo || Kinshasa || 2009 || Haverford College Political Science Thesis || WEB

My undergraduate thesis based on extensive in person research in Kinshasa as well as extensive desk research was awarded honors at Haverford College.